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Synaptic Dreamscape: Navigating the Hypnotic Labyrinth of 'Say That You Want Me' By Teresa Suydam

Teresa Suydam
Teresa Suydam

Hailing from the vibrant city of Denver in the United States, the enigmatic Teresa Suydam embodies a cross-cultural artist who is a nonbinary singer-songwriter and producer. Their craft unfolds an enchanting blend of explorative pop sprinkled with captivating cinematic elements. With the rich indigenous and Filipino heritage, Teresa’s music aims to explore the intersection of culture, identity and art. Infused with honey-like vocals, the music is indeed a comfort zone for multicultural individuals who seek a sense of belonging. The artist's latest EP 'Love Me' sets forth the messages of self-love and personal growth. Not only do the four tracks of the album symbolise hope and inspiration, but the exceptional talent and creativity also led the artist on the pathway to the 2022 Native American Awards.

A wholesome mix of inferences like films, television shows and gaming soundtracks, the music creates a vivid soundscape through its kaleidoscopic range of electronic-lit choruses and wide-ranging sounds.

'Say that you want me' is a soothing symphony of Teresa's dreamy vocals that just convey the simple message of 'Let's stop beating around the bush...' This dreamy indie pop song is an intriguing blend of organic and electronic sounds. It's the perfect song to listen to when you are in a situation where you feel like you need to be more direct and honest with the person you love. The song is an anthem of honesty and vulnerability, and an invitation to take a chance and open your heart. This fresh listening experience features mesmerizing female vocals, talk box harmonies, nylon guitar, and a groove-inducing bassline. The production is a perfect balance between modern and vintage sounds, capturing the spirit of the song in a unique way. The song encourages vulnerability and honesty in relationships, but also a sense of freedom and courage. It’s a beautiful ode to the power of being brave enough, to be honest.

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