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Symphonic Marvels Unite: Klein & Jamison's Trailblazing Melodies!

The iconic duo - Klein & Jamison
The iconic duo - Klein & Jamison

Hailing from the United States, Scottsdale, Arizona, Klein & Jamison are indeed the musical marvels of this generation! Join the mesmerizing musical journey of Jim Klein and Ian Jamison, a dynamic duo that has been crafting harmonies since 2018 across Colorado and Arizona. In 2021, concert pianist Adam Zukiewicz took centre stage, presenting an all-Klein-Jamison concert featuring captivating pieces like "The Abyss" and "Breaking Waves." The Colorado Piano Trio wowed audiences in 2022, unveiling Jamison's brilliant arrangements of George Gershwin's timeless "Summertime" and other American classics. The musical brilliance didn't stop there, with premieres of "The Flood" and "The Blue Diamond" in the presence of esteemed orchestras, marking a trail of breathtaking performances. As 2023 unfolded, Zukiewicz's mastery shined once again in mesmerizing renditions of "The Abyss" and the eagerly awaited release of "The Blue Diamond." Brace yourself for an enchanting choir and orchestra performance with "Summation," set to grace Boulder and Greeley, Colorado in October 2023.

With the melodies of Klein and Jamison, you will be transported into a world of musical brilliance featuring saxophones and clarinets.

This musical odyssey is only just beginning, promising a symphonic escapade like no other. Step into a symphonic wonderland as Jim Klein and Ian Jamison grace the world with their mesmerizing creations. Behold the captivating Klein-Jamison Sonatas for Alto Saxophone and Piano, magically brought to life by Andrew Dahlke and Juhyun Lee in 2023. But the symphonic magic doesn't end there! A thrilling premiere of Klein and Jamison's Sonata No. 2 will take place in Arizona later this year with the brilliant Calvin Wong and Siyi Chen taking the stage.

Test the piano-infused melodies down below -



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