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Supernova Sonata: Astral Explorations of Gianfranco Pescetti's 'DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL'

Proceeding to entice the world with his celestially groovy soundscapes, Gianfranco Pescetti returns to the music scene with his latest tune compilation, 'Daystar Nocturnal'! A maestro specializing in bass, keyboard and programming. Drawing inferences from icons like Thundercat, Royksopp, Cocteau Twins and The Cure, his artistry is pretty versatile. Pescetti aims to spread a perspective of fluidity through music and this tune compilation exactly does that!

Gianfranco Pescetti
Gianfranco Pescetti

Aceing at displaying an array of notions and ideas jarring our visions of reality, this instrumental act feels like a gateway to escalating one's imagination and an ounce of encouragement to be creative with one's thoughts.

We start this ecstatic journey with the suspense-driven and haunting notions of 'Clownspunk'. A track that seems to elevate the listening experience of users with its cyber-punk and disco energy, this is a mid-tempo yet dynamic instrumental notion that provides a perfect escape from reality. The mood for the album completely shapeshifts into even slower and mellow verses of 'Macchia, I'll See You..'. What seemingly feels like a departure song, this feels like the backdrop of a sci-fi-driven romance and is quite elaborative with its numbing soundscapes of uncertainty that teleport the listeners into loops of nothingness with ease.

'Obsidian' brings back the thrill and excitement of an adventure as it is curious, almost signalling the listeners to stay together in anticipation of what's yet to come. It would certainly remind the listeners of the movie 'Dune', as it feels like a thrill ride that has never been witnessed before. On the contrary, 'Sundog' is a light-hearted tune that is full of nostalgic shimmers of sound, indicating to the listeners that the adventure has finally begun. It carries a subtle essence of music from the legendary artistry of Daft Punk, yet comprises nodes of organic sounds in it.

The next track, 'Nostalgia Aim Le Rogue' yet again feels like a happy-go-lucky moment of unlocking excitement, as it signals a sense of grandeur with its subtle and luxurious soundscapes, making the listeners dwell into the richness of the voids of sounds it creates. Then we arrive at the ultimate EDM paradise, 'Be My Ghost', which is a fast-paced beat compilation that is perfect in techno set-ups, making one groove into the stratospheres of celestialism and nothingness, this tune is by far one of my favourites as feels like an absolute bliss to the ears.

One for the adventure, 'Capairia' feels like a sound that one would want to travel to, as it somehow seems to symbolize continuity and trust. It also surprisingly has elements of harmony with its inclusion of the Indian table sound along with its pacifying tune, which sounds like a celebration in the head. What initially sounds like a sad crying melody, 'Wake!' feels like a result of thorough observation of something sad for a long time, until it finally replenishes itself into reality.

Yet another high-paced techno moment, 'Fogbound' sounds like the perfect melodic Roman empire for those who tend to wander to far-off places with their imagination. Last but not least, we arrive at the ethereal notions of 'Stopless', a track that signals optimism and comes off as a ray of hope to venture around and experience life as it comes.

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