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Sunshine Sonata: Pop's Optimistic Overture with Jeff Roberson's 'Psalm 118'

Back with adding an element of dramatic charm to music, Jeff Roberson & Nuilife are back with their brand new release,' Psalm 118'! Hailing from Long Island, New York, Jeff is a seasoned gospel enthusiast who's dedicated his life to the art of music. As someone who took his first steps in the musical realm as a teenager, Jeff has surely come a long way. Now at the age of 63, he's open to the world of influences and invention in music and has been constantly transforming.

Jeff Roberson
Jeff Roberson

A replenishment of enthusiasm, hope and will to live done in the most magnanimous manner possible, reminds us to be fully present and be grateful.

A track that was written in the tough and insufferable times of COVID-19, 'PSALM 118' emerged as a creative confession of gratitude, utmost joy and a ray of hope. With this track, the artist indeed tried capturing his life's essence in the most powerful and funky manner possible. Full of beautiful chorus elements, graceful piano tunes and fleeting synths of electric guitar, this is bound to lift hearts timelessly, reminding all of us to share music as a blessing of faith. Reviving our spirits to be fully present and letting go of what holds us back from enjoying and being grateful, this will ought to bring life to one's who've lost hope and will to live, as it is full of elements of energy and serenading gospel hymns that'll uplift one from within.

Test this enthusiastic melody down below -

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