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Sunnyside Serenity: Swim in the Halos of Seafarers' 'Bedwetters'

Seafarers return to the masses with a brand new evocative dreamscape 'Bedwetters' and this right here is a treat to the ears! A collaborative of six long-term musical visionaries, Seafarers was formed in 2018 in the vibrant city of Orlando. With an artistry spanning across genres like chamber pop, jazz and indie rock, their sound is auspiciously delicate and soothing. After garnering massive critical acclaim, they finally return after a long time in a brand new reverie that will heal your soul! Let's witness the magic of their brand-new song!


A calming nostalgic halo in the form of relatable lyrics, soft synths and dreamlike beats, this feels like a dream one wouldn't want to wake up from!

Written from the point of view of someone anxiously trying to make sense of the world around them, this is an utterly serene track that beautifully romanticizes every scenic element of nature in the form of poetry. From two people sharing eventful activities and falling in love to eventually letting go of all the things that let you down, this track is a fresh breath of air. With airy and punchy rhythms, butter-like electric guitar synths and pacifying synthesizers, this is a pure work of art that everyone deserves to experience.

Test this mesmerizing melody down below -

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