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Straight From The Heart: Lyrical Laments of KANDA's 'Unanswered Questions'

With beaming curiosity in the glares for pure love, KANDA recites reality in his latest release,' Unanswered Questions'. A 19-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Coventry, KANDA is a new gen game changer of an artist and has gained accolades from reputed names like BBC, Channel 4 and MOBO. He has also collaborated with the iconic Panjabi MC, and this is just the start of the artist's success. With a racking number of more than 200,000 streams across streaming platforms, KANDA is gaining recognition with his unique and signature gravelly voice that strikes the right balance between smooth and guttural, making it impactful and emotive at the same time. Let's give a heart to the maestro and prodigy Kanda!


A Ballad that explicitly highlights the unhealed bruises from an everlasting love, this highlights how love no matter how sunshine and rainbows can make one wither from their true self.

With contrasting themes and fading synths of sound, 'Unanswered Questions' is an unhinged narrative depicting the aftermath of separating from his girlfriend. With sleepless and lonely nights, he describes how even the nostalgia from the good old times makes it suffocate with an endless yearning and regret. The absence is brutally draining him from within by all means. The single is more or less a deterioration of romance and has a consistent pace of drums. This single will explicitly remind the listeners of the 2016-17 era of music, as it would sound familiar yet so relatable and covered in pain.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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