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Stories of life, love and gush of fresh air on open roads: Robert Bacon's Out of The Blue

Robert Bacon was born in an army base in Ford Leonard Wood, Missouri. His military upbringing instilled in him a deep love for his country that later also manifests in his musical sensibility. Having spent his early years in the Westwood farm, he found solace in the music of classical icons like George Jones, The Oak Ridge Boys and The Statler Brothers. But it was the enchanting influence of modern legends, Alan Jackson and George Strait that propelled Robert to pursue a career in country music. His musical talent has led him to perform at fairs, festivals, and venues from Kansas City to Kentucky to Nashville. 2021 saw the release of his fan-favourite “What Christmas Means to Me”. Robert finds solace in the making of country music and the love he puts in his music is received in manifold by his fans. He attributes his success to his dedicated team of musicians who have been along his side since day one.

Out of The Blue, with its sweet melody dilutes the bitter taste of underestimating and then later losing what you once had.

Rober Bacon’s new track “Out Of The Blue” is a breath of fresh air. The song is so light and soothing to the ears. Written by Charlie Brown and Bacon himself, the song caters to the lovers of 80s and 90s country music. Ou of The Blue delves into the reality that people often realize the value of something/someone be it a relationship or an unanticipated opportunity, after they have lost them. It is but a common human trait to be in a relationship and take it for granted at some point in time and realize their mistake once it is no more in their life. The song is a cherished memoir of the human experiences wrapped in the ever-beautiful country-influenced music of Robert Bacon.

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