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Starlight Symphony: Witness Nu-Funk's Etheral Voyage with May Fall's 'Sleep'!

Step into the alternate universe of May Fall Sound as he entices you with the deep canvas of his brand new release, 'Sleep'! As someone who's led a legacy in the genre of progressive metal, May Fall departs from his signature sound to deliver pure magic. Hailing from Israel, May proved his resilience in synthesized sounds through his debut releases like 'Blind Zone' and 'Same Code', which helped him garner massive critical accolades through a plethora of radio stations. He has also aced the stage in a trio, known as the May Fall Crew in 2023. His sound comprises of propulsive beats, celestial vocal harmonies, gratifying synthesizers and funky basslines, and is heavily driven by synth-pop, nu-funk, avant-pop, and retro wave. Let's witness the aural magic of May Fall's 'Sleep'!

May Fall
May Fall

Gloomy by design and dreamy by form, May Fall's 'Sleep' is a perfect tune to escape the matrix of ordinary and anxiety, providing you surplus room to interpret and think, and is soothing enough for one to sleep.

The video starts in a halo of soft neon notions of sound, where the artist is seen seated right infront of his reflection, as if he's able to see right through him. The lyrics brush adjacent to the theme of the video, where May Fall is seen in an old antique setting, talking about how just being in close vicinity to the person feels like a safe place for him to let his thoughts out, even when he cannot share them through words. The chorus sends us into an awakening, where we see lightning strikes and haunting yet dystopian notions of the song seem to strike a chord. Set in a retro filter, this is a dreamland where the artist envisions the person's presence as a notion of escaping from the cruel realities he's barged into. Overall, this is somewhat of a scary yet very thought-provoking sight to see!

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