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Spectral Soliloquy: Post Rock's Theatrical Expression on Human Nature With Giack Bazz's 'The Moon is Painted'

Giack Bazz unleashes absolute neon rock euphoria onto the masses with his spectacular new release,' The Moon is Painted'! One of his finest works yet, Bass has redefined his musical identity with his recent releases. Born with a will to revive art in music, Federico Giacobazzi aka Giack Bazz, released his first release in 2008 in a collaborative. Later when told to go solo backed by successful crowdfunding, he released his first solo album known as Childhood Dream in 2015, which explored the traumas of his infancy, and later on, it purged his musical identity into the realms of rock opera and was renounced by the masses. Giack's sound is full of elements of mystery, adventure, intrigue, and trauma and is overall dramatically beautiful to hear. Let's dive into the mystical realms of Giack Bazz's sound.

Giack Bazz
Giack Bazz

A rock cinema amalgamation painted with hues of uncertainty, this tends to weave a marvellously deep and astounding story.

'The Moon is Painted' is a mystery-loaded rendezvous that goes above and beyond the normal human psyche. A pure work of art tends to question the anomalies of human behaviour and the way we work around and perceive the existence of things around us, something like a mere escalator for example. This tries to understand the purpose of their being, and what if the purpose known to us is corroded by our own beliefs. A track full of purely blissful, artistic and melancholic expressions, this feels like a daunting tune that explicitly draws attention to detail in the realms of rock. It's about how one possesses a sense of magic with the way their brain works. Arguing that the moon is painted, this tries to rupture core human understanding in the most frivolous yet surreal manner possible and is surely a must-listen for everyone who wishes to explore their artistic element.

Test this enigmatic melody down below -

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