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Sound of Faith: 'One Last Touch' is an ode to Him, The Almighty

Sheltering over 40 years of experience in singing, playing, and producing, Jim Vierra is an amazingly gifted musician. From being exposed to music through his mother to up-and-coming rock and roll bands, he has been through a bumpy and adventurous ride to make a career from his diverse experiences. Through his exciting musical odyssey from several different genres, this Nashville-based pop singer found his true sonic love in Christian Rock and now uses music to his advantage as a path to proclaim his faith and worship the Lord.

Jim Vierra
Jim Vierra
Bearer of Blessings: 'One Last Touch' is a beautiful and brilliantly crafted track reminding you to put unwavering faith in God.

The latest release by Jim Vierra, featuring the soulful, smooth voice of Ron Poindexter, titled 'One Last Touch' is an aural vase filled with holiness, hope, and harmony- a swirl of notes of the piano, gasping strums of the guitar, the surprising element of violin, and fragments of other instrumentals. The visual release, complementing the record, depicts the message of keeping His name in your heart not only in pain but especially in happiness.

Test this soulful melody down here:

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