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Soul Search Serenade: Pop's Whispers of Love With Karen Harding's 'Boyfriend'

Dive into the mystical realms of Karen Harding 's 'Imaginary Boyfriend'! Hailing from Melbourne, indie singer-songwriter Karen Harding has won our hearts with her sombre sound before, and this is yet another example of the same. Her debut single,' I Didn't Realize' garnered mass attention in 2021! With her distinctive voice that traverses the ethereal sounds like Sarah McLachlan and Eva Cassidly, her style identifies with Adele. Karen Harding's sound serves as a vessel for self-discovery, personal growth and therapeutic expression. Let's explore the soothing sound of her latest release!

Karen Harding
Karen Harding

A warm acoustic track that will fill you with a fulfilling ounce of comfort and care, this is a pure romance marvel.

A sombre track with poignant lyrics, 'Imaginary Boyfriend' is a dreamy pop track that spreads the message of finding solace within oneself. A refreshing narrative which is filled with romantic duets and ethereal confessions, Karen Harding lures the listeners with her pacifying vocals. A track full of guitar riffs, pulsating synth textures and her trademark inventiveness, this is perfect to be heard at any possible occasion and can be a beautiful beatscape if one is looking for confinement and solitude. Savour it until you find confidence and the urge to shine from within, as this will elevate any mood it plays, all kudos to Karen for unleashing a deeper sense of light romance in the air through this song.

Test this delicate melody down below -

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