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Sonorous Symphonies: 'Junkyard Toybox' is addictive and amusing!

With a most marvelous comeback, The Magic Es is here with its third full-length album 'Junkyard Toybox', a creation brimming with ethereal vocals and intricate beats, captivating audiences with their innovative fusions of rock and pop. The band's sonic journey took off back in the year of 2015 and has witnessed several projects since then, namely 3 albums, 2EPs, and 6 amazing singles. The Magic Es are Pete Thompson on guitar and vocals, drummer Stuart

Catchpole, and bass player Jasper Stainthorpe, playing their roles flawlessly, akin to various hues blending in a painting, creating a canvas of seamless aural treasures. 

The band is quite an accomplished collective, and regularly performs all over the country and has shared the stage with South Africa’s biggest-selling rock band The Parlotones, as well as Glass Caves, Pop Will Eat Itself, and The Wedding Present. Provenly self-sufficient, the band has thrived in its journey without the support of any label and chooses to continue its path of independence.

The Magic Es
The Magic Es
Magnificent electric riffs, lavishing, long-lasting choruses, swiftly bold beats of drums, and petrichor-like vocals, combine to create multiple uniquely textured soundscapes that feel energizing and invigorating.

This latest release by The Magic Es, 'Junkyard Toybox', is an entry to a new era for the band. This might just be their best work to date, and it should be considering all the hard work, long hours, and blood and sweat that is mixed in the exhilarating pool of sounds that this album is. "We wanted some sonic elements to be consistent through all songs and we settled on having bits of scrap metal and objects available that we could hit to make interesting noises. We’d then blend them into each track, so they’d sit as a subtle layer to the overall sound," says the artist regarding the title of the album, spotlighting the thoughtfulness behind the production. Talking about several emotions including love and just life, each track in the album shelters a distinctive atmosphere, and every one of them gives off a 90s garage band vibe.

Blessing the audience with banger after another banger in this album, The Magic Es has secured its position in people's hearts.

Test the rocking melodies down here:

Discover more melodies like these:



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