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Sonic Sentiments: Christine Tarquinio's Uplifting Soundscapes in 'You and Me'

Christine Tarquinio
Christine Tarquinio

Hailing from Melbourne, Australian singer-songwriter and recording artist Christine Tarquinio embarked on her incredible musical voyage with her debut single 'Didn't Even Try.' Her captivating talent and zeal for music have continually spellbound audiences across the globe. Christine finds immense gratification in joining forces with like-minded musicians, producers, and sound engineers to craft extraordinary tunes. Her unwavering commitment to creating original content enables her to connect with others through their mutual experiences. As Christine eloquently puts it, "Witnessing the birth of a song from a tiny kernel of an idea to its full potential alongside my creative team is sheer magic."

Christine's music holds the essence of motherhood at its core. She strives for excellence as a means to guide her children in navigating life’s challenges, hoping they flourish to their fullest potential.

Birthed amidst lockdown and masterfully produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne, the song "You And Me" kicks off with nostalgia-inducing electric guitars reverberating in unison. Upon finalizing the liberating theme of "one day we'll be free," Christine marvelled at how effortlessly the track came together. A pulsating percussive rhythm accompanies Christine's poetic storytelling, culminating in a playful and sentimental music video featuring her husband of 20 years and two adorable children. Embark on a sensory adventure with Christine Tarquinio as she captivates listeners with her expressive soundscapes and uplifting words. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her highly anticipated EP 'Silhouette,' slated to hit the airwaves in July 2023.

Test the melody down below -

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