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Sonic Safari: The Nostalgic Nexus of Fly Janet's 'Easy Money'

Fly Janet returns to the masses with her adventure-filled tune compilation 'Easy Money'! An album that supposedly reveals the worldly chaos and the dramatic notions of society without even uttering a word, this instrumental fiesta is a sight to see! A Western crusade of sound, Fly Janet is a remarkable collaborative comprising Drew Haught on the guitars, drums and keyboards and Chris Badger on the bass, guitar, percussion and keyboards. Drawing musical influence from legends like Astro Man?, the band derives its name from a fake airline company that flies from Las Vegas to Area 51. Influenced by the scam, their music often includes mysterious and fishy elements of intrigue. With their recent release, 'Man in the Hat' being featured in the 60 Cycle Hum podcast, they've been gathering critical acclaim from people all around the world. Let's witness the magical symphonies of 'Fly Janet'!

Fly Janet
Fly Janet

Action-packed yet loaded with fun and grooves of countryside, this is surely your escape from worldly chaos and is a pure masterpiece.

We begin this exhilarating journey with the retrogrades of the breakthrough track, 'Mango'. A release that is extremely cinematic, and dramatic and features notions of classic rock, this legit feels like the backdrop of a movie trailer or a fight scene from some cowboy movie. This is fun, intriguing and exciting from its core. Then we step into the mystery-filled epiphanies of 'Walter's Looking at Me'. Although just the instruments playing in the song, one can still hear the sense of mystery and fear that is associated with the beats of the track. Extremely frightening yet adding an element of surprise to the album, we think this is pacifying and suspense-infused at the same time.

'Helsinki', coming right from the 50s, the next tune in the compilation, feels like a wholesome moment of celebration, where one can easily sense the fun, thrill and a lot of vibrant yet overwhelming emotions all rushing through as the track processes. It feels like a blessing in disguise, as it also has piano keys infused, that almost make one teleport back to nostalgic themes. Last but not least, 'I'm a professional' is a marvel that represents the grandeur and a flip side to the rest of the album, where suspense amplifies as mastery as if all the hidden realms and clues of the past track have finally seen the light of the day. This is a playful yet eye-opening soft rock melody and is a must-listen. Overall, I like the soundscapes and the vintage-like themes of the album.

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