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Sonic Dreamscape: Navigating Bloomfield Machine's Realm

Bloomfield Machine
Bloomfield Machine

Get ready to embark on an epic musical journey of Bloomfield Machine led by the genius that is Brian Kassan. This musical virtuoso's talents span across a multitude of instruments, including keyboards, guitar, and bass. Brian's journey through the world of music reads like a legend's tale, from being the original bassist and co-songwriter for Wondermints, where he shared the stage with icons like Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys and Clem Burke from Blondie to crafting co-written gems like "Time," prominently featured in the HBO movie "Mixed Signals." Brian's talents also led him to front the pop/rock band Chewy Marble, earning recognition with three US album releases and tracks featured on "Friday Night Lights" and KROQ's "Rodney On the RoQ" top 10 list. His collaboration with Grammy-nominated songwriter Seth Swirsky showcased his keyboard wizardry on the album "Watercolor Day." And in the heart of his home studio, Brian has unfurled his creative wings, releasing five instrumental albums under the entrancing moniker Bloomfield Machine, with a sixth on the horizon.

'Left To Our Own Devices' is mesmerizing musical odyssey, where every note holds the key to a world of infinite, electrifying possibilities. This isn't just an album; it's an ultrasonic adventure you can willingly lose yourself in, over and over again.

Our journey kicks off with 'Reality Collapse,' a sonic voyage that gently hints at profound revelations and numbing sensations. It beckons you to leave behind the chaos of everyday life and surrender to a realm where time and space blur into oblivion. Next, we dive headfirst into 'The Imperative,' a melodic descent into the abyss of metal melancholia. It beautifully captures the essence of space exploration, where sorrowful pain resurfaces as haunting beauty.

Then comes 'Loading for Leverage,' a composition that effortlessly melds stellar glitter rock elements with an alt-grunge resurgence. Its enigmatic beats feel like fragmented moments from the very fabric of life and death, beauty and unending monotony. 'Ghost Passenger' emerges as an eerie, haunting soundscape, transporting us to the very heart of ever-consuming black holes, where chaos reigns supreme. 'Greeble,' on the other hand, seems to give voice to the inanimate objects from which life was stolen—a tale of grievances, trauma, and unyielding mystique.

The sonic adventure takes a thrilling turn with 'Impression Management,' an eruption of multiple verses that first infuses a sense of numbness before unleashing wild energy in a symphony of instrumental marvels. 'Inventing Hope' follows suit—an abstract metallic crush of beats that leads you on a mesmerizing journey through the cosmic voids of space and time. Then arrives 'The Minister of Loneliness,' an enigmatic grunge-rock ensemble that reigns supreme as the most captivating track of them all, oozing abstract bursts of energy.

The exploration of abstract concepts reaches new heights with 'Supernormal,' an electrifying journey into the metaphysical. The energy subsides slightly with the soothing rays of hope in 'No Explanation' and 'Zepi Tepi,' offering a pacifying musical experience infused with hints of freshness and radiance. 'Hysteria' unfolds with 'Illuminaughty,' a crimson affair of disbelief and the extraordinary, a multi-dimensional plunge into endless possibilities.

In stark contrast, 'When Is It Done Really' weaves a sinister tale of dilemma, a moment of adventure, radiance, and thrills all at once, adorned with many feathers in its cap. As listeners navigate through 'Soul Crusher,' 'Inner Beauty Pageant,' and 'Levels of Infinity,' they discover an everlasting oasis of beauty, a radiant sphere of possibilities and life residing in harmonious coexistence.

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