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Slot Machines by Anna Elyse: A soothing bop that hits you with some truth bombs

Anna started her journey in music after she graduated from UCLA, and tried her hands on writing creative pieces. Eventually, she started working behind the scenes as a recording engineer and worked with major artists like Logic during her career. Soon after this, she decided to leap and started creating music to find her sound in the folk-pop genre. What keeps her connected to music are the stories that she tells using her art and strives to be a comforting sound for her listeners.

Anna Elyse Artist
Life is a slot machine and you never know what is at stake

The single “Slot Machines” is a folk-pop track that not only soothes your ears but also serves you with a new perspective on the changes that you encounter on your journey of life. These changes are like pulling the slot machine and hoping to get it right each time. She further describes how when you once overcome a particular phase of your life, you can’t go back as the changes turn you into a new person. The song concludes with Amma Elyse's fading vocals and the idea that change is the only constant in our lives.

Test the melody down here-


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