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Skybelly's Vella Will Carry you to a whole new Realm.


Skybelly is the brainchild of artist Sara Nelson. Her unique musical approach is what makes her tracks stand out from the crowd. Each of her track tells a story in a way that no one else has ever told before. She weaves magic into each tap of her music creating a vibe that touches the soul. The way she carries the track from gentle breeze to wrecking cyclone is mesmerising! This is surely an artist who deserves to be heard by the millions. Do give her a go and trust me, you're gonna love her music.

I recently came across one of Skybelly's latest releases, which is an album of 10 Tracks. The album is named Vella. Each track on this album is so unique yet connected distinctively. The deep vocals and heart-throbbing rhythms is what make this album so special. The unique integration of vivid instruments is surely remarkable. Give this unique artist and her stupendous album a go!

Test the melody here-


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