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Sighting Euphoria Yet Catching Hold of Reality: Humbling Allures of Grace & Moji's 'Sad Times'

The musical power couple Grace & Moji return with yet another masterpiece, pleasing our cinema-loving audience with the release of their official music video for 'Sad Times'! An indie-pop duo that currently is based in Los Angeles, California, Grace & Moji appeal to their audience as creative visionaries with a sight of extraordinary, by playfully blending in a plethora of genres in the most enticing way possible. Having a profound way of experiencing and depicting ubiquity in parallels with emotions, their sense of musicality is generally experimental, playful, surreal and profound. Navigating meta-physical and emotional barricades that life puts them through via musical exploration, Grace & Moji provide an aid to healing from traumatic life experiences not just to themselves but even to the ones around them. Both individually and as a duo, their rendevous have been impeccably inspiring!

Grace & Moji
Grace & Moji

This video catches a glimpse of illusions whilst also keeping us in close contact with the oblivion, by speaking volumes about how the two are interrelated and seek each other's help constantly.

Working along the themes of the original song, this track begins with Moji emerging from a haven of flowers, then initiating the need to look around until he cinematically unlocks the treasure, Ayahuasca (referred to as 'jungle bruise' in the track), that is metaphorically depicted as a car in the video. This depiction is seemingly uncanny and a metaphor for it as the medicinal drug's indulgence takes them on a trip of illusions, of endless possibilities. In the video, Moji is seen meeting a guy with an evil mask on, depicting his dying urge to elope from all the worldly realities and causes. Then he's seen riding that very toy car, with the evil guy accompanying him, trying to depict how despite how much we would want to escape the reality, our trips take a toll and become our reality with us.

Then enters the enchantress, Grace, all wrapped up in the minuscules of a tiny blue feathered ball, in her own bubble. As soon as she also catches hold of the trip, she is seen seamlessly teleporting and seated next to Moji in the very same car reality is driving. After a point, reality tries to escape them, and they're seen catching it, providing us room to understand that in spite of all the trips and escapism the ability to stay grounded and in the moment is what all of us eventually crave. Keeping us hinged to the chronicles of sad times, we again spot Moji returning the car from where it came from. This is a sheer cinematic masterpiece that is sure to blow up!

Catch a glimpse of this pacifying music video down below -



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