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She is a WOMAN, unchained, unstoppable; she is a woman “Now Free”

Project 1268 is a musical duo that consists of Haley and Craig. The Project’s genesis dates back to 2020. That’s when the two realized how Hiley’s vocals and Craig’s mastery of sax and keyboard could amalgamate and create some magic for the listeners. Their songs feature the feel of 50s-60s pop music with deeply felt lyrics. They have also been played on the radio and television.

Their groove is unmatched and the lyrics click right into your soul. They have released two successful albums and are waiting to drop the next hit in 2024. “Me Now Free” is the title track of this upcoming album.

Project 1268 artists
“Me now Free tells a story of the journey of a woman’s self-discovery, one step at a time.”

‘Me Now Free’ is the latest treat to music fans by Project 1268. This song is the opening track of their third full album which is set to be released in 2024. This new track reflects the duo’s mature, versatile and intellectually heightened artistic sensibility. The song is the tale of a woman defining her path in this world as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Hailey’s diction in the lyrics vividly paints this woman's journey towards selfhood in a way that the listener sees a reflection of themselves in the protagonist. That is the beauty of Hailey’s lyricism and Craig’s lush melodies and saxophone work. The juxtaposition of their talents gives birth to this heartfelt yet driving and finger-snapping tune that enchants your mind and soul.

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