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Serenade of Surrender: Ivory Embraces of Brooke Moriber's 'Half a Heart'

Redefining the set standards of love with her poised presence, Brooke Moriber returns to the music scene with her latest release,' Half A Heart'! A soulful product of Reviver Records, Brooke released this intimate stellar of storytelling. A singer/songwriter paving her way into the lands of Country music, Moriber started her journey at a very young age as a native performer on Broadway and honed songwriting in her teenage to combat a rare eye disease. Fast-forward to today, the maestro is praised for her 'clarion voice' and is on rotation on many music choice channels and Spotify's New Music Friday playlist. Rejoicing her journey, let us witness the serenading beauty of Brooke Moriber via this release!

Brooke Moriber
Brooke Moriber

'Half a Heart' is a track that signals self-acceptance, growth and an open mindset towards, all the stuff that it takes to make a bond fuelled with love everlasting.

A commercial pop menace infused with poignant lyrical ballads and piano melodies, this is a pacifying venture that narrates the dedication Brooke shows in her day-to-day life towards her muse, her love—indicating how the judgements of the world around you mustn't shatter or lead you to change your mind towards things you worship and adore, towards the stuff you want to do. Talking about there's no time to regret, she emphasizes that nothing is too much when it comes to brewing love. Love could mean a whole lotta things to people, and similarly, this track about true love can be played in a plethora of settings as well.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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