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See Level's 'All Inclusive': Kaleidoscopic Lofi & Jukebox Jams of Endless Possibilities

Peaking message and alchemy despite the muteness and alchemy, See Level returns to the music scene returns into the music scene with the birth of his latest sonic release,' All Inclusive'! A musical maestro originating from Los Angeles, United States, See Level radiates as a prime instrumental powerhouse throughout the course of 2023 with blockbusters like Rice Butter & Sugar, not to mention the statement pieces of his artistry like Frame of Mine. With his out-of-the-box musical orchestration and unparalleled ideas of creating thrill in the music scene, let us hail the presence of See Level!

See Level
See Level

As if viewing sonic sultry and its visions through a VR set, this indeed is a personal retrospective element of self-actualisation and dream-like illusions that not many experience or want to go with. But once they do, there's no going back.

We begin the depth and soulful journey through the dreamscapes of 'Window Seat'. A track that seems to tell us to take a back seat and observe the breathing obscure nature around us. As if telling us to hold back, and be in sync with the flow of circumstances and life we're in. Then we dive into the theme track of the EP,' All Inclusive'. A track that feels like a notice board or please see paragraph, this reminds us of the multitudes of existence of the binary, thereby letting us know that we're all the parts of the sum, a sum that completes us, makes us who we are.

Then comes the cold synthesizers of 'With or Without You'. As the name suggests, this track feels like a calming void into the Alps of misery. Where one simply clings to the idea of relationships and bonding in a tribe as our prime source of existence, this track seems to aid us with the assurance of the skies we're yet to catch, no matter how many flights we are bound to miss to do so. This renders our beliefs and makes us go above and beyond, signalling strong to individual identity and growth. Next, 'Hammock n a Breeze' dwells further deep into the glory and authenticity of our being. By being a track full of motives, this is a retrograde breeze of eternal at its peak.

As we arrive at 'Fresh Fruit', we are taken aback and given room to teleport, levitate, internalize and transform into our highest versions of being. This feels like a moment of rejuvenation, teleporting us into the baths of the divine holy waters. The touch of lo-fi here makes the grandeur of this track even more subtle, sombre and soothing. 'Clear Waters' feels like a labyrinth of continuum, as if inspiring us to follow a route of consistency.

Then comes the enchanting allures of 'Possible'. One of the most heard tracks from the album, this feels like a testament of hard-felt contemplation and misbelief, that is leading us into a neverland of endless possibilities. Blurring the 'im' in impossible makes for a falling moment in a lucid dream. Entering with subtle piano key presses, we arrive at the voids of 'Thats what she said'. Counting for the ruthless silences that bruise the mind, this endorses feelings of doubt, intrigue, suspicion and dilemma of mere miscommunication.'Time Flys' is yet another calming of the seas of concern, providing for a comforting echo to rely on on the grounds of despair.

Progressing forward with tracks like 'Photos','Sight See...Level',' Bikini Bottoms', 'Picnic Tables' and 'Rain Presentations',' Parting Skys', See Level serves as a voice of all different setups moods and transition phases in the most relieving manner possible, as it glides like butter into the sonic hemispheres of all of these locations, blending beautifully with the surroundings and providing us the clearest visionary leaps to fall into. Next, he provides you an option to choose from the plethora of virtual experiences before you, via the crystal clear depictions of 'Choose your adventure', as if navigating through the various landscapes in a Minecraft game.

After this, we hope onto the funks and mid-90s-early, 2000s hip-hop groove alters in 'What's in this', which almost feels daunting when you give them a close listen. They seem to clear the air, providing room for the most endangered element from the entire album, the element of dope spookiness to funk and groove onto. Elevating perceivedyourwhichWhat'sso-far perceived sonic illusions, we arrive at the ethereal and dream-pop beats of 'Only Way Forward'.On the contrary,' Wishing Well' feels like submitting to the prosperous and well-lived end, to a life or a bond that is either way on the verge of erosion or blast. It provides a pinch of humbleness and gratitude to the listeners.

Last but not least, 'Early Retirement' vouches for the voice of the entire album, providing a retrograde film-like Lofi pop mission, which could just be the best way to conclude any album or piece of artistry. It is indeed, See Level's vocal narratives that peak in this track, unlike the muted tracks so far. Overall. this album for sure is for the golden books for Lo-fi and Electronic commemorative.

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