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Samora's 'Born in Suriname (Work Hard)' - A Bold Fiasco of Daring Dreams

Here to set you free with her fire verses, Samora returns to her musical wrath with the release of her fierce single 'Born in Suriname'(Work Hard)! A bold call to action to relentlessly work on yourself and find happiness from within, Paramaribo-born Samora decided to release this passionate single on the auspicious date of November 25, which is notably celebrated as Suriname's Independence Day. Having a notable artistry of 5 years behind her, with iconic releases like "Free Up" and "What You Came For" to name a few, Samora's music is a marvellous blend of Reggae and other diverse musical influences. Let's hail the enchantress that is Samora through this release!


A message all of us need to work on, this is purely infectious level of confidence that all of us can inculcate in our own lives!

A bold track that speaks volumes about self-defence, this narrates how we are the only captains and torchbearers who have the steering wheels to this life. Highlighting this relentlessly courageous attitude through her own struggles, this is a call to cherish one's inner strength and find one's own calling. Samora through her uniquely uplifting and meaningful storytelling motivates us through these upbeat tempos and lyrics like, 'Word hard, move smart, think large, let them haters starve', trying to showcase how no matter how much one gets loathed, they must take their own accountability and be brave enough to follow their dreams!

Test this contagious melody down below -

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