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Sages’ new song, entrance their listeners to dance through life with a “Happy” heart

Led by the exalted and passionate vocals of Dino Vidovich, Sages transforms the atmosphere into one of self-introspection and dawns upon an aura of inspiration on them. The intricate, many-layered guitar work by Vidovich and Ryan Cavalli serves as the lantern for the band in their music creation process. They are known for their heavy rock tracks and successfully capture the listener's attention. The band’s gems are Matt Franks (Simon Says) on bass guitar and Chris Robyn on the drums, whose thunderous rhythm section awes and entrances listeners. With pretty unique fusion of elements from the music world, Sages has gained a sincere fanbase in Sacramento and beyond. They have been featured on sites like Broken Amp, Metal at The Gates, New Noise, Alt Press, AXS, and All Axes. As this band embarks on a brand-new chapter, they are eager to share their contagious energy with their listeners!


Sage's Happy might become your new good vibes song. It brings hope and inspiration with a lit-up melodic compilation and stupendous lyrics.

“Happy” is the newly released single by Sages which will now serve as a prelude to their upcoming self-titled EP. The extended play will be announced soon and will be released in the month of October or November. The song talks about happiness, hope manifestation, and inspiration. These are believed to be the elements that will keep you happy and give you a bigger purpose to live for. The upbeat drums kick in and do justice to Dean's vocals throughout the song. The song’s rhythmic texture glides smoothly from the mind to the heart. As a building block of Sage’s musical legacy, “Happy” is an insight into what is in store for the listeners leaving them wanting for more. They hold the potential to become your favorite band soon!

Test the tune down here-



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