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Rokita crafts a thought provoking anthem on pervasive exaggeration of information inflicted upon us


Rokita is a rock singer-songwriter who intends on sending out positive implications to the world through is music. Based in Frankenmuth, USA, Christopher Rokita has finally found the right time and space to display his gifts to the world. His songs deal with the current issues our world is facing and he also delves into a resolution in all of them. Mostly making 'feel-good' music, some listeners may pin him down as Jeff Rosenstock's optimist version.

"There isn't a sense of someone 'trying hard' to get his message across to the listener and there's also beauty in effortlessness, some listeners must understand."

His new single 'Hyperbolic Overload' is a well thought out piece of music which is aware of what it is talking about and knows where its horizon is at. There's a sense of directness to the lyrics which is also prevalent in many other songs of Rokita, but it does blend itself beautifully with the instrumentals. While people generally look out for a bunch of metaphors when breaking down the lyrics and the overall meaning of a song, Rokita will not provide you many. He is much more interested, it seems, to send out his message about issues he actually cares about. There isn't a sense of someone 'trying hard' to get his message across to his listener and there's also beauty in effortlessness, some listeners must understand.

Hence, this track delves straight ahead into its matter, which is obviously evident in the title itself. Rokita speaks up about the modern phenomenon where the media gives out exaggerated statements which cater only to the algorithms, so that the particular media source gets as much viewership/monetisation as possible. Our society does lean a lot into the overwhelming amount of information that is bestowed upon us. Everyone has something to say about something they don't have much knowledge or control about. Rokita pairs this effectively with the high energy fuelled instrumentals which do exactly what they're supposed to do.

If I could give one critique, it would be that the composition sounds a bit too scattered to my ear. The guitar riff towards the end doesn't really work and the song starts slipping away for a moment. I think for a rock anthem of this high level of understanding towards its subject, there should be a minimalist composition that shall be utilised. This is ironical, but it isn't a huge bummer.

All in all, Rokita succeeds in bringing out his messages and I recommend our readers to listen to this track solely for the lyrics alone (this does not imply that the production is bad).

Test this melody for yourself here (or) prepare to be "Rokified" -



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