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Rock Ripples of Resolve: Rising Above Life's Turmoil with RXND'S 'Battle Scars: A Beautiful Lie'

Alt-rock maestro RXND returns to the masses with his brand new sonic bash,' Battle Scars: A Beautiful Lie'! As an artist who aids in raising a voice for the troubled and unable, especially those suffering from mental health issues, RXND, a project by Ronde Fauchald derives its main inferences from artists like 30STM and Falling in Reverse, and is aiming towards overall healing of your soul!


Rock revelation that enigmatically captures the undamned spirit and fight for life, will power you through from within.

A soul-wrecking melody that speaks to the elements of the metaphysical, this is a torchbearer and message for people to never give up despite what they're put through. It talks about never accepting the face of defeat that life might bring to you at different points and circumstances - mental, physical, etc. It tells you to stop confronting the outer happiness while the inside of you bleeds. It also tells you to care for your peers and not judge, as they have a life of their own too and they too are the main characters of their lives.

Test this liberating melody down below -

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