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Rock Pop's Resonant Refrain to Women's Self-Reliance with the bold synths of Lazy Sunset's 'You. Possibly'

Lazy Sunsets is yet again back with their soulful base intros with their brand new release, 'You. Possibly! This is a unique blend of Gen X songwriting combined with fresh production, combining the talents of Pete Stephenson, an Australian singer-songwriter, US producer Kara Greskovic, and other geniuses. Their artistry sounds raw and fresh yet reminiscent of the past, original yet familiar. With tunes ranging across genres like pop, pop-rock, dance, country and adult contemporary, each of their melodies is an epitome of relatability, covering wide-ranging themes about life and love. Coming in blazing hot, let's witness the charisma of the sound by the Lazy Sunsets!

Theme art of Lazy Sunsets
Theme art of Lazy Sunsets

With a bass that is reminiscent of nostalgic rock but lyrics that comprise nothing but diva energy, this is the story of how someone finds themselves by dismantling the idea of needing someone else.

'You. Possibly' is a testament to the romantic lives of female singles worldwide. With the unpredictable behaviours of men, the message of female independence and their will to break away from the mould of ordinary male toxicity spreads like wildfire right from the beginning of the track. The protagonist here wishes to treat herself better by dismantling the shackles of blaming herself because of him, as he held a higher power over her by love-bombing and gaslighting. She's wide awake and says that it's not like she needs someone to complete her. A bold track powered through with a raw bassline offset and relatable and poignant lyrics that give it its energetic appeal, this elaborates on where he assumes she thinks about him all the time, she tells him how it is nothing short of a mere possibility and nothing else, and that he's not as special as he oughts to be.

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