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Robert Vendetta's 'Vendetta Del Disco' Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat And Dance!

Robert Vendetta is an Oslo-based artist who is known for his retro-modern sound. He creates vivid soundscapes fusing modern and retro sounds creating a unique sound of his own. He has released a total of four albums and his discography is a vivid array of musical discoveries. If you love to discover sounds that stand out from the crowd, this might be the perfect match for you. I've been hooked on him for the past few days and I've been listening to his tracks on repeat. I'm pretty sure you'll get hooked too if you give his discography a go!

Robert Vendetta Weaves a spellbiding vibe with his music that bevitches everyone that comes it's way.

I recently discovered this amazing artist through his latest album, 'Vendetta Del Disco' which is surely one of the best albums that I came across this year. This is his first band record in decades, with a touch of his unique sound that will stick to your head. Experimenting with genres like Rockeaton, Prog, some Bowie flavors, and African inspirations, Robert has created a soundscape that is pure magic.

The album explores the topic of finding meaning in life and the way this artist has pulled it off with such grace is just magical! I Loved that album and highly recommend you all to give it a go. The bewitching instrumentation blended with his intricate vocals creates an everlasting vibe. The album has a total of 9 tracks and each one of them carries the vibe of the album with beauty.

My personal favorite from the album was 'Here and Now' which intertwines ecstatic lyricism with deep musical instrumentation. The way this artist weaves such amazing pieces is bound to blow your mind away.

Overall, this album features some amazing tracks that discover depths of musicality and sounds. Each track has its originality and fosters it with great pride. The vast musical soundscapes create a supernatural feel and the lyrics are well written and sung with passion. Do give this amazing album a go, you'll surely find something for yourself that you'll love and cherish.

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