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"Rising" by Jeb ascends you to a realm of a sonic experience that will leave you spellbound

Jeb Rault is a new promising light in the music industry guitarist, singer and songwriter from New Orleans. With a musical career that has sustained for a span of 30 years, he has seen all shades of life from the overwhelming joy of shows being all sold put to rough waters with labels and managers that have proved his mettle as a resilient and promising artist. Jeb had a major break in his career in 2013 when he was invited by Kim Carson to play with her in Europe. Since then, Jeb has constantly evolved as an artist for these 10 years and is now regularly featured on the Central European music scene, playing in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, as well as in the USA and even Costa Rica. Rault has earned a loyal fanbase by winning the hearts of his listeners with the magic of his unique blend of New Orleans-inspired guitar-based Blue Rocks.

Jeb Rault
Rising is poised to stay and stay forever in our hearts. It is a bundle of marvolous tunes that you will connect to.

“Rising” Jeb Rault’s third full-length album released on September 15, 2023, following two of his previous albums, “Yin Yan from The Mire”, 1997 and “Sweet Dancer”, 2012. Spring 2023 saw the birth of this album as it was recorded at Marigny Studio, New Orleans. The album contains 10 songs that are solely crafted (written and produced) by Jeb Rault featuring layered guitar leads and harmony vocals and an amalgamation of various guitar-inspired songs. Lee Schwartz on Drums provides the songs with their beautiful rhythmic nature, Logan Emory’s solid guitar rhythm supports the skeleton of the album and Matt Wisdom on bass gives the songs a throbbing ecstasy. The album is available on all streaming platforms and will be available as a CD at CD A vinyl pressing of the album is set to hit our shelves by Christmas 2023.

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