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Riffs of Remembrance: Ode to a Departed Soul with RISE's 'Without You'

RISE returns to the masses with the distorted glitter rock realms of their brand new tune 'Without You'! Taken from their Memories and Possibilities EP, this brand new single is a creative composition of emotive guitar, high mix synths, powerful vocals and addictive hooks, this is beyond an emotional ballad. Paying tribute to a band member's passing away, this is a heart-wrenching ballad that is an indication of the connection and unanimity the band truly has. With deep sighs, let's unravel the emotional journey of their brand-new release! 


A love-struck epiphany where the protagonist isn't ready to let go of their lover feels like submerging into the voids full of regrets from being out of love.

'Without You' is a classic rock symphony that feels like a rundown of the emotional turmoil and moments of agitation our artist truly feels. They feel like a void in their heart that still yearns deeply for their love, and it doesn't even feel like living anymore but existing. He's questioning the worth of his life as they're gone, and he proposes how difficult and tormenting it is for them to let go of the memories, the whole-heartedness and the love they received. This feels like the perfect backdrop of a movie all of us can relate you, and just like those movies, this makes us feel emotions.

Test this emotive melody down below -

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