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Retro Resonance Reindeer: Cool Yules of 'Kirk Pasich Project Presents A Scout Durwood Christmas'

The LA-based cabaret artist, comedian and actor Scrut Durwood gets featured on a funky and classic Christmas song compilation,' The Kirk Pasich Project Presents A Scout Durwood Christmas'! A 12-track long iconic musical wildfire that is polished with remakes of tracks as iconic as Stevie Wonder's 'What Christmas Means To Me', this is a fresh take on the gold, thereby polishing it with a bedazzling sprinkle of some funk and personality. 12 timeless gems, all wrapped up and excited in style, let's give a heart to the Kirk Pasich Project!

cover art of the album
cover art of the album

We laugh, we dance, we cry and express a kaleidoscope of emotions all our lives, so why not in a festive album? Breaking the barricades of the ordinary, this is an all-in-one musical compilation that will satisfy one's soul no matter when and how listened to.

We begin this exotic Christmas saga with the nostalgic jingles of 'What Christmas Means to Me'. A complete 70s-inspired rock and roll swirl to your ordinary Christmas carols, this is completely a rejuvenating experience of a track! Then 'A Marshmallow Worl', a track as mellow as its name, is a project story narrated around the imagery of a Christmas-inspired dreamland! This almost feels surreal, as it is a land where all your dreams come true! Beautifully romanticising Christmas and channelling comfort in a lap of a song, this is a sheer masterpiece!

'Ain't Nothin' Like Christmas', a rock-infused reverie twist with bold vocals, this is a perfect track to dance to! A complete blockbusting tale of magnificent energy and charisma to get addicted to, this portrays Christmas under the clouds of pure funk like never done before! Theme quiets down to mellow yet again with the track, 'Christmas in L.A.'. This almost brings back one's childhood memories and portrays the festival as an emblem of embracement and family reunion, as it brings back not just the people, but also brings back relentlessly precious memories over the years! And for those who aren't going home this Christmas, this would be your chord of comfort.

'Rise up Shepherd', encouraging hustle and grind, entails a magical tale of a shepherd, metaphorically expressing the narratives of finding one's muse and moving around one's own pace, despite what the world has to say, as one point or the other everyone has to leave the herd they come from and find their own:) The next track, 'Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep', feels like a shower of gratitude and reminds us to be thankful for the life we have, instead of pessimistically glooming onto the things and moments we missed or don't have yet. It is a reminder that life is beautiful and a pure blessing in disguise.

Then we arrive at the iconic,' Jingle Bell Rock', yes the iconic groovy melody that we all adore, but with a tangy twist! This is a melody that never fades, a melody we all love and can sing along to! 'Snowman', a slowed down pace to the original one. This track won our hearts back in 2020, and this cover is just a vinyl energy to the same that will truly resonate with you like the legend Sia's original version did!

Then it seems like we've sat on a train that is here to take us back into nostalgic realms of fun and glory, with 'Naughty List'! A perfectly synched groovy that will make even the non-dancers dance and fill their spirit buckets with utter joy, this one's special! 'Ugly Sweater Blues', yet another slowed-down moment of storytelling, the track describes how even the belongings that we cringe on initially become a memory-infused timepiece that feels special at just a touch, taking us back to the good old times.

Christmas, but with rage? Yes, this is exactly what 'Merry Christmas(I Don't Want to Fight)' is! Bringing all your facades to an end reminds us that a festival is just for bringing broken things closer. "Cause Christmas ain't the time for breaking each other's hearts", thereby gracefully reminding us to at least adore the festival and its grace and leave the worldly facades behind. Last but not least,' White Christmas' is the ultimately pacifying sonic odyssey that will make even the shattered seen. Sad but content, nostalgic but learning from mistakes and a bit wiser now, this is simply if the word 'mature' was compiled into a song.

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