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Remixing Perspectives: Transcend into Tally Koren's Imaginative Realm

Tally Koren
Tally Koren

Enter the captivating realm of Tally Koren, a remarkable artist blending cultures and melodies to unite hearts worldwide. Born in Israel, influenced by Mexico and LA, and now based in the UK, Tally's mesmerizing performances have garnered her accolades like the Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter. Multilingual in English, Hebrew, and Spanish, Tally's versatility extends from prestigious venues to voiceovers for James Bond films and top companies. Passionate about fostering unity through music, she is an 'Ambassador for Peace' and supports numerous charities.

Discover Tally Koren on Spotify and connect with her on social media to join a global community celebrating the universal language of music. Through heartfelt compositions, she embodies harmony, unity, and the power to bridge cultures.

Transcending from the versatile release 'Not Satisfied', these remixes transpose listeners into multiple dimensions, far away from the ordinary, in a picturesque land of imagination.

Defiantly empowering, "Not Satisfied" is a call to arms for people to hit pause on social media and cultivate self-adoration. This anthem champions putting one's mental well-being on a pedestal, urging individuals to embrace introspection and evaluate what genuinely holds value in their lives. Acting as a gentle nudge towards self-compassion, the song inspires us to revel in our achievements. The creative forces behind "NOT SATISFIED" are Tally Koren and Phil Scales, with a masterful remix by Xander Milne. Esteemed supporters of Milne's work include renowned names like Tensnake, Cassius, Groove Armada, and Todd Edwards.

Listen to these multi-dimensional tunes down below -



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