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Reckless Regret: Punk Rock's Melancholic Manifesto via Wexford's 'Change Your Mind'

Wexford is back on a pulsating grind to revolt with their brand new sonic venture, ' Change Your Mind'! Emerging from the vibrant city of Sandusky, Ohio, Wexford is a creativity-driven alt-rock collaborative that infuses genres like alternative, punk and post-hardcore into their sounds, making it sound almost surreal and emotive to the ears. With Dave Mueller and Andy Kohlmann on the vocals and guitar Shawn Daley on the bass and keys, and Jeff Vandebussche on the drums, this is an artistic turbulence recorded at the Mohawk Studio in Sandusky and also includes the genius of Sean Carrol for the artwork. Let's witness the musical wrath of Wexford! 


A dilemma-infused ballad throwing limelight at the human mind's imperfections, this feels like an endless cry of failed support and distinct hysteria that sucks normality out of the lives of the ordinary.

Power-packed with dramatic punk notions, we begin this punk rock with the distorted laments of the argument that regardless of how many thoughts interfere inside your brain, almost nothing can be supposed can change your mind that is set to the ideas of self-destruction. Regardless of how much you run away or out of time, it is always going to consume you moving forward. A melody that seems to aim at the goal-deprived minds of this young generation that swim mindlessly in the oceans of self-doubt. This feels like a call for help for a loved one that listeners might get reminded of while listening to this melody. "Moving Forward, Faith in nothing", with such soul-stirring lyricism, challenges the idols of perfectionism, reminding us how empty the supposedly perfect walls of pretence carved by society might consume us.

Test this emotive melody down below -

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