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Razor-Sharp Refrains: Coma Beach's Ferocious Raw Frenzy with Pain in 'Extreme Masochist'

Back with yet another electrifying volt of sound, Coma Beach's 'Extreme Masochist' is a pure moment of rock retreat that you wouldn't want to miss! A punk/alternative rock collaborative hailing from Würzburg, Germany, this is a creative marvel birthed out of the genius Captain A. Fear, singer B. Kafka, drummer M. Lector, rhythm guitarist M. Blunt and bassist U. Terror. With a wide range of influences from Ramones, Joy Division, The Cure, Guns N' Roses, Sex Pistols and many more, their tracks are constantly breaking through as phenomenal in punk and alt-rock. With shock, chaos, pain and isolation being the cornerstone of their artistic evolution, let's witness the musical fury of Coma Beach's music!

Coma Beach
Coma Beach

Vinyl rock painted in the tar of pure misery, this release is the epitome of sadism and dark realities we strive in.

'Extreme Masochist' is track # 9 and the fourth single on Coma Beach's forthcoming album, "The Scapegoat's Agony". Based on a wrecked-up rebellion of thoughts, a 'masochist' is someone who derives pleasure from pain, more specifically from the musings of sexual pain. A sonic reverie that exerts immense power and glory as an antihero, this is an explicit moment of punk rock catharsis that spirals through multiple shades of grandeur and humiliation. A punk rock blast that spreads the word about the head-on numbing and torturous conditions of many humans, this taps into gore at a level never imagined before. This navigates into unseen notions of the human psyche, and will surely entice niche listeners.

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