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Plunging Pumps: 'Pretty Dumb' is a tapestry of punk rock twisted with alt-rock

Hailing from the city of New York, The Gas Widow's first release, ' Pretty Dumb' is an amusing fusion of emotions and melodies. With influences from a great range of bands spanning from the Pixies to Wu-Tang Clan, this band weaves together all the components of grunge and punk rock into a most finest of gray tapestry. Greatly known for their hard-hitting lyricism and its complementation with thumping, rocking beats, The Gas Widows' aural artistry revolves around the sensitive sentiments of love, heartbreak, mental health, addiction, and every other edgy topic that sums up our lives.

The Gas Widows
The Gas Widows
Extremely close to the heart, 'Pretty Dumb' is a distorted truth of every individual's dark side of life that the demons in their head dictate.

Taking flight with a twisted, punky strum of electric guitar, 'Pretty Dumb' proceeds to carve its introspective lyrics in your cerebrum. Swirling the themes of love, life, and loss into a hurricane of a soundtrack, this record is definitely to look out for if you're an enthusiast of punk, edgy sounds!

Take this rocking melody for spin down here:

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