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Phantom Frequencies: Navigating the Dark Pools of Rock with Evol Walks' 'Pet Sematary'

Profoundly known as the frontwoman and powerhouse of heavy rock, she is known to entice audiences with her commanding presence and rock-infused sound. With this release aiding the announcement of an upcoming acoustic tune compilation, let's witness the musical wrath of Evol Walks!

Leah from Evol Walks
Leah from Evol Walks

Haunting renditions of rock all incapacitating life experiences, that's exactly what the ethereal ballad 'Pet Sematary' feels like.

A track reminiscing nostalgic synths of 80s rock, this single unleashes the deepest darkest secrets of one's mind in the most relishing way possible. With its upbeat yet poignant lyricism, this track is mournful yet magical. It also features Leah's soulful vocals with a backdrop of haunting violin, translating into a whole new energy of Evol Walks. This track is deeply moving and talks about the blatant realities of life.

Test this daunting melody down below -

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