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Outerloop are like a mosaic of life. Songs tell stories, some pretty and others like huracán- true

Outerloop is an electrifying post-punk rock band led by the magnificent Taisha Estrada (vocalist) and guitarist Don Potter. Known for their power-packed live performances and innovative song structures, the band has spread their musical magic from Fort Reno to Comet Ping Pong across Maryland and Virginia. The band’s participation in the NPR Music’s 2022 Tiny Desk Contest propelled them up the success ladder also bagging them an in-studio interview that aired on WAMU. They also earned a spot on the first night of the Tiny Desk On the Road tour. The band is renowned for the unique sonic atmosphere that their songs create and are much loved by their audience.

huracán throws light on the dark truth. It gives voice to the voiceless using its hard rock simphonies.

huracán holds the essence of Outerloop with the powerhouse vocals and spiky guitar but is also more refined with the additional layers of guitar and vocal overdubs. It marks the entry of Outerloop’s newest members, Eric Sleight on bass and Marty Reisemberg on drums. Recorded and mixed at Kreeger Studio by Eric Grimm of Cal Rifkin and mastered by Jamal Ruhe of Listen Up Mastering, the song is an intricate piece of their craft. The song delves deep into the status quo in Puerto Rico where people are being vacated from their houses on a mere 30-day notice, schools and clinics are running out of funds and are closed and beaches are being destroyed. The song is in the form of a dialogue between the English-speaking oppressor and the Spanish-speaking victims. The Caribbean voice begins at a soft note and grows louder to reach the pinnacle at the final chorus of the song with multitudes of voices crying for justice. The song sends shivers down your spine and wakes you up to reality!

Test the melody down here-

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