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Nostalgia and Noise: The Unique World of Jean RN's Music

Jean RN
Jean RN

Jean RN, also known as Ben Wright, is a remarkable artist hailing from Suffolk, UK. With a knack for self-recording and production, Ben draws inspiration from the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Charli XCX, and Bon Iver. His latest EP, expertly mastered by Angel Marcloid, known as 'Fire-Toolz', presents a captivating fusion of experimental and accessible sounds. Through his music, Ben explores the intricacies of relationships and their enduring impact on our lives. In his own words, he describes it as "noisy music for melancholic souls."

The EP takes us on a mesmerizing glitch-pop journey, freezing moments of time within its artwork.

Unfolding with dynamic crashing beats, the opening track named '30th May 2022' immerses listeners in a sonic adventure. This composition artfully portrays the events of a day, painting abstract visuals that resonate with endless possibilities. A thumping rhythm and distorted vocals create a powerful soundscape, while the addition of distorted guitar and synth adds an exciting edge. The song's abstract nature allows each listener to interpret its message through their own lens.

Continuing this nostalgic and abstract theme, the track 'A Song For C' takes us on a unique trip down memory lane. Jean reminisces about the moments shared with someone special, infusing the lyrics with longing and a hint of regret. Through this melancholic piece, Jean reflects on the past, acknowledging that those cherished moments can never be relived. The track captures the bittersweet essence of nostalgia, leaving listeners with an insatiable curiosity for what lies ahead.

Prepare to be captivated by the exhilarating track 'Sure,' the most thrilling highlight of the EP. This surrealist blend of loud indietronica transcends the boundaries of emotion, evoking a plethora of intense feelings and sensations. Jean masterfully crafts an unpredictable journey that will leave your senses ablaze, eager for the next sonic revelation.

And finally, we reach the grand finale, 'Diarrhoea'. Brace yourself for a symphony of distorting visions that converge into a mesmerizing lo-fi beat, gently echoing in the background. This track is an exquisitely dense and chaotic masterpiece, conveying a sense of overwhelming disconnection from reality. It serves as a powerful conclusion to the album, leaving a lasting impression on any music enthusiast. Jean RN's talent and potential shine bright in this extraordinary music genre.

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