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Nikolay Cranner's Latest release, Times EP Will Surely Make Your Feet Move!

Nikolay Cranner
Nikolay Cranner

Nikolay Cranner is a Norwegian producer, composer, DJ, engineer, and saxophonist who is known for his House music that is so beautifully composed that you will lose yourself in his tracks. The way this unique artist blends the classic electronic sounds with deep vocals, and jazz is surely mesmerising. This is surely an artist to be explored! Do give this artist a go, you'll surely like his style.

I Recently discovered this artist through his latest release which is an EP of 2 tracks. This EP is named Times EP and has 2 tracks named Sunshine Living and Times which are both so amazing that you'll find yourself dancing through both the tracks. The way both these tracks complement each other is just beautiful. This is a highly recommended EP if you're into Innovative music.

Test the Melody down here-


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