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Neon Romance: Nostalgic Love Blossoms of The Project's 'What's it going to take'!

Reviving nostalgias of love and life with an irresistible charm, The legendary The Project returns to the music scene with their brand new release, 'What's it going to take'! The LA rock supergroup is back yet again with their latest tune compilation, 'Best Days'! A brainchild of Cali-rock's James Davis, the band has also won recognition as the Best Hard Rock Band at the Southern California Music Awards in 2006, Best Hard Rock Band in 2005 and many more. With Jeff Plant on the vocals and Andre Bontor as the drummer, let's welcome the surreal and mellow throwbacks of The Project via this soul-stirring track!

The Project
The Project

A romantically unhinged tune that captures pure and vinyl emotions of romance and nostalgia, this feels like the epitome of not being able to let go seal-packed in a happy-go-lucky beatscape.

This track is a pure beam of joy and brewing love that will surely relate to many. With its 80s rock synths, this feels like a work of art inspired by Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert, this single feels like a ray of optimism as Mykele Hill reflects on her life's experiences with the poignant lyrics of this 80s rock anthem. Serving as an ode to unbreakable bonding and attachment, this track would thrive on wedding occasions, or under any setting for that matter.

Test this tranquil melody down below -

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