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Nebula Noir: Celestial Ciphers of Astralix's 'Velocity'

The EDM powerhouse Astralix revived his mystical waves for the music scene with the release of 'Velocity'! After venturing into the themes of rock and acoustics, this feels fresh and extremely creative coming from Gary Dranow. Known as 'The Rhythm Fills My Soul: A EDM Sensation', 'Velocity' is one of the many results of synergic experiments under the belt of Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions. Combining the masterminds from the original group like Chris Zoupa as the arranger and guitarist, Louie Dupont and Roman Kuznetsove, Jason Jones as the mixer, master, vocalist and drummer and Klim Apalkov as a vocal prowess, Astralix emerges as a new array of sound in the EDM kaleidoscope. The band draws inspiration from legends like Avicii, Tiesto and David Guetta, and aims to create a pure vivacious sonata of sound that one has never heard before!

Gary Dranow - Mastermind behind Astralix
Gary Dranow - Mastermind behind Astralix

Cascading effects of beats all wrapped up in the divine and transcending sound, 'Velocity' is not just a fine project but rather a vibrant dream one would never want to wake up from.

A beautiful escape from the ordinary, Velocity feels like an intense awakening in the realms of electronics and techno. What supposedly is a project undertaken by the legendary Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions, this has elements of cosmic radiance infused within the track and almost feels like a supernova crash of sound. This is fresh, has a hint of neon and disco and is extremely dreamy to listen to. This could be a perfect track to listen to at any given scenario or occasion, as this would rightfully elevate the vibe of the ambience.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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