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'Name It' by AG Gatling: A composition of divinity filled with faith

Shining through the shades of Mississippi, AG Gatling has released his second single after 'I'm Good With It'. Spelled with an amazing talent for fusing sounds into mind-blowing art pieces, Gatling puts his heart and soul into exceeding in the realm of music. His sonic voyage is a testament to the divine power of faith and collaboration. Swirling the art of storytelling with the waves of sound, Gatling's music dances around the themes of hope and belief. He remains a conduit of hope and shines bright as a sunny morning.

AG Gatling
AG Gatling
The real hand behind all our success, 'Name It' is an ode to The Almighty looking over us and showering us with blessing.

On April 5, 2024, Gatling released this magical track, and alongside it, the artist also produced, recorded, and launched the visuals for the single, conceptualizing the faith and sentiments behind the whole composition. The setup and characters represent his road to success. The track is symbolization for the kindness and softness of God, and the tone of the song somewhat sounds like it was written for the heavens.

Test this enchanting melody down here:

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