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Musical Odyssey: Exploring the Enchanting Journey of Nathalie Ballarini Trio's 'Pleinair'

Nathalie Ballarini Trio
Nathalie Ballarini Trio

Following the success of her solo piano album, "Piano Zen," released by Bourgès editions, Nathalie Ballarini trio embarks on a new adventure, comprising of fellow musicians Luca Scalambrino on drums and Jean-Christophe Gautier on double bass loop. A Berklee College of Music graduate hailing from Boston (USA), Nathalie's evocative compositions have garnered recognition in the prestigious international piano competition GCIP. She has shared the stage with renowned artists such as saxophonist Mark Turner and bansuri flute player Rishab Prasanna at the esteemed "Festival de Ramatuelle," and has also made her mark in the world of film music composition. As if pulling from a kaleidoscope of influences spanning classical, jazz, pop, and traditional genres, Nathalie and her fellow musicians craft a harmonious blend of powerful and ethereal elements.

Revealing intricate details with each listen, this album takes you on an extraordinary sonic journey influenced by Satie's minimalism and Gnawa music's effervescence.

In "Pleinair," Nathalie's newest masterpiece, the trio focuses on blending individual performances into one harmonious sound. Jean-Christophe Gautier adds modern vibes using experimental techniques, creating captivating music. Drawing from a myriad of influences, their enchanting sound evokes unity and unforgettable experiences. The album explores the Mediterranean Basin's essence with an intriguing mix of classical and contemporary jazz. "Pleinaiir," the opening track, transitions from a classical piano solo to daring modern jazz, highlighting the trio's bold diversity.

"Tuvaou," the first sneak peek, embodies resilience in nature and humanity. Meanwhile, "Nature," featuring Chelsea Ballarini's ethereal voice, showcases an alluring balance between sensuousness and raw energy. Discover fresh layers within the music as your moods shift, taking you on a journey from Satie's delicate minimalism to the lively pulse of Gnawa music.

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