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Music that Lulls and Disengages: R.M. Hendrix's 'Drugs'

R.M. Hendrix
R.M. Hendrix

Hailing from Boston, the musical marvel R.M Hendrix is back again with another release, 'Drugs'! With multiple feathers in his cap, Hendrix carries a unique musical taste combining musical elements like psychedelia, tirp-hop, shoegaze and hip-hop to create his own unique sound. His music is a hypnotic amalgamation of harmonious and dissonant sounds, crafting a distinct audio landscape sure to enrapture audiences. Hendrix fearlessly traverses genre boundaries with their pioneering musical approach, leaving listeners astounded by their artistry. Prepare to embark on an unparalleled auditory odyssey with the artist's bewitching compositions.

Delving into the ethereal plane that coexists with the very essence of our atmosphere, this is a tribute to the intangible emotions within us all.

'Drugs' transports listeners on a sonic adventure by balancing the delicate edge between dissociation, conviction, and solace. This epic soundscape embodies both the crescendo of emotions and the vacuums that pave the way for them. 'Drugs' propels listeners through the artist's anticipation of life's relentless challenges while simultaneously providing space for redemption and contemplation against the enthralling backdrop of music that lulls yet disengages at once. In sum, this track is an essential listen – a laid-back, trip-hop masterpiece that sheds light on pills in a way you've never experienced before. Instead of glorifying dancefloor indulgence, this gem points a scornful finger at pharmaceutical giants. Perfectly suited alongside Massive Attack and Portishead in any playlist.

Test this enticing melody down below -


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