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Moonlit Meditation: Basking in the Beauty of Silky Serenades of Sambox & Anita Barbereau's 'Cocooning'

Sambox arrives yet again on the music scene with the brand new release, 'Cocooning' and here's what you should know about it! Sambox is a producer, music composer and programmer who's known to create absolute magic alongside the multi-talented Anita Barbereau, who happens to be a cellist and a composer, Deriving musical inferences from musical styles like lounge, ambient, chillout, downtempo, deep house and jazz, the duo has been gracing stages as individual artists since a long time. With most of the song productions happening in Sambox's home studio, they are on a mission to entice listeners by creating tunes that are soft, healing and comforting for listeners. Let's float on the havens of their sound!


A track that makes you elope into a place covered with cotton clouds, feels like waking up from a relapsing beguiling dream.

'Cocooning' feels like a melody wrapped into an abysmal and strongly emotional rollercoaster, covering an immense about of raw and unhinged emotions today. Comprising of moods like sorrow. misery, unhappiness, etc. This also feels as if you succumbed in silence and peace to a tender bubble, thereby creating enchanting allures as listeners proceed to listen to this track. Its magical, serene, and has Asian sound elements delicately woven into it which give its divine appeal.

Test this soothing melody down below -

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