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MNERVA's already hype-worthy single "SORRY" is accentuated by a brilliant new remix by Matty Beats


MNERVA is a Nashville based artist famous for his duets and other endeavours on tik tok and a genuinely engaging discography. He has garnered a following of immersed listeners and has been greatly appreciated for his musical palette and decision making during the songwriting process. He has worked extensively with the producer Andrew Gomez and looks to expand on what has turned out to be a really promising musical career.

"The remix retains the emotion baggage this track already carried and amps it up a bit more, turning it into a sound that has bountiful things to appreciate and a lot of re-listenability."

MNERVA over the past few months had been constantly duetting with Matty Beats and they had shared the same primary producer which instantly drove them to collaborate on an official single. Matty offered to provide a remix of MNERVA's acclaimed single SORRY (FORGET ABOUT ME). This remix borrows a lot of sounds from a lot of different genres and infuses it into the shell of this very poppy sound that MNERVA is known for. The result is a vibrant song with great latitudes when it comes to different soundscapes.

Definitely give this a listen if you want to listen to a chilled, laid back song which also doesn't shy away from keeping with it, some emotional heaviness.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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