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Michael V. Doane's 'Let's Go': A Thrill Seeker's Anthem Celebrating Living Unbound

Michael V. Doane returns to the masses with the amplifying verses of his brand new release 'Let's Go!' and it feels like a breath of fresh air! Self-directed by Doane himself, this is an exciting example of Michael's versatility as an artist. Born and raised in Oregon, formally known as Hell's Kitchen, New York, the artist hones multiple qualities of being a tennis enthusiast, a patent and singer, a songwriter and many more. As someone who's dedicated his life to listening and making music, he's aced the stages of shows all around Europe. An official follow-up to his comeback track 'JAMES ALVIN(HIS SONG)', let's dive deep into the exuberance of their brand new release!

Michael V. Doane
Michael V. Doane

Adding a touch of spice to your life, this is a carefree notion about going wild, unapologetic and living life to its maximum capacity.

We start off this music video with a wake-up call,  by depicting scenes that show a sense of urgency, where an old couple is seen leaving their ordinary life and rejoicing in the current moment, living life. Although the woman knows that she's unfit, he wants to have fun while she can. 'Let's Go!' feels like a call to action for the masses, motivating them to step out, hit the road and do the extraordinary. This country-rock venture is super exciting, and thrilling and sends a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners. Motivating you to be a better person, this is a 'do or die' anthem reminding you that you just have one life, so better live every second of it.

Test this exciting melody down below -

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