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Memories of the Menu: Chronic Comforts of The Muster Point Project's 'The Diner'

Devouver the ecstatic sonic narrations of the latest release from the Muster Point Project,' The Diner'! A majestic endeavour of Kevin Franco, a Calgary-based multi-instrumentalist who splits his time between Canada and Chile, the band is a relishing composition of musical experiments and has emerged from a plethora of genres-from metal to funk and from folk to rock. Making you rejoice with the tales of ordinary with extreme delight, let's experience life from the sonic lapses of 'The Muster Point Project'!

The Muster Point Project
The Muster Point Project

A notion to wind down to, this comforting yet nostalgic melody would linger onto your skin for a little longer than you think!

'The Diner' is a track that emerges from a vivacious trail of events that the band experienced back at several greasy spoons, the ones that were their go-tos after exhilarating music sessions. Places full of nostalgia that they beem onto as rays of overcoming their creative blocks, these places filled them with a distilled sense of a liberating warmth and cosiness, where everyone knew their faces. Set in the memoirs of the actual relaxed settings of the stops, the music of the track is a fusion of flowy familiar beats that seem to be subtle, groovy and soft, as though representing the vinyl seat cushions. A sombre display of nostalgia from hearted places, this is coined to reminisce.

Test this timeless melody down below -

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