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Melodic Nirvana: Exploring Euphoric Depths of Nickon Faith's 'Signs'

Nickon Faith returns to the masses with the heavenly mynx of his latest tune compilation, 'Signs'! An upcoming DJ producer hailing from Manchester, He strives for uniqueness with his sound and is aimed towards making waves. Deriving inspiration from a plethora of soundscapes, Nickon brings a rejuvenating perspective to the electronic music landscape.

Nickon Faith
Nickon Faith

The flow of vibrant energies and ecstatic moods all connotate into a direction of pure bliss, 'Signs' is for those who heart trance, dynamic and progressive melodies.

We begin this musical ensemble with the ethereal dreamscapes of 'Signs'. Launching the soulful and soaring vocals of Manchester's upcoming gem, 'Axelle', this release is highly emotive and captures an array of notions. The next track, 'Love', feels like a beautiful amalgamation of euphoric trance-type beats, and puts into the haze of nostalgia. With its acid synths and rich bed layers, the track seamlessly flows down the spine of listeners.

'Nothing State' on the contrary feels like a complete shift of moods and delivers a groovier, faster and thumping four to the floor type kick. Its progressive, lucid and extremely flowy flavours induce euphoria, and make it a perfect dance number for clubs. Then, the album reaches the sonic eclipse of trance with 'Forever(I Want You)' and its radio edit. It is rich, tempting, and has expansive chords of fluctuating undertones that make it a profoundly deep and introspective track to look out for.

Last but not least, we arrive at the most anticipated release, the soul of this album,' Fragments'. A single that exhilarates into an emotional breakbeat moment with its ear candy and foley samples, it has a deep and textured soundscape that is worth reminiscing.

Test this pacifying tune compilation down below -

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