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Melodic Mavericks: Embracing the Unconventional Charms of 'Targets' By Mathew and the Arrogant Sea

Band members of Mathew and the Arrogant Sea
Band members of Mathew and the Arrogant Sea

Texas-based Mathew and the Arrogant Sea could take the world by storm with their latest single ‘Targets’. Mathew and The Arrogant Sea is an indie rock band comprised of four crew members: Mathew Gray (vocals), Blake Vickery (bass), Tony Whitlock (guitar), Hagen Hauschild (drums) and Pablo Alzate (guitar). Inferencing tunes of names like Pavement, Man Man and Neutral Milk to name a few, the band has performed on Good morningTexas and is soon putting their most impressive foot forward on Sep 1st for The 1st Dallas Texas at Kessler Theatre for their album release.

Dilating through the nomadic odes of channelling nostalgia with their electrifying performances, Mathew and the Arrogant Sea continue to surpass the barriers of creativity and sound.

"Targets" is a heartfelt song penned by Mathew during a challenging day job experience. The track explores overcoming toxic masculinity in various relationships and embracing our true selves without being burdened by past generations' ignorance. Crafted in a guitarist's home within 15 minutes, the song's creation was a magical experience. The entire album holds a special place in Mathew's heart, as it reflects his personal journey dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and mental health. A profound dream about the vastness of the universe inspired him to focus on the bigger picture, helping him find balance in life. Mathew deeply hopes this album will offer hope and solace to those seeking reassurance in their own lives.

Test the melody down below -



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