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Sonic Souvenirs: Flickers in Time with Ellery Twinning's 'S.B. Butler'

Ellery Twinning returns to the masses with the nostalgic narratives of his brand new release, 'S.B. Butler' and is a pure sight to see! Emerging to the masses with his highly anticipated solo debut REVENGE, Ellery Twinning is a musical maestro who's paved his career on his own, playing all the instruments, writing all of his songs, participating in the production process and so much more. Written and directed by the genius Michelle Gemma of Mystic, Connecticut. With so much to the glory of Ellery, let's witness the beauty of his brand-new venture! 

Ellery Twinning
Ellery Twinning

Unlocking past wounds in a way that makes everything make sense, 'S.B. Butler' is a pacifying reverie from the past that is full of epic tales of storytelling that'll make you think.

The video starts with the nostalgic realms of artist's past, where we're shown two frames depicting the past and the current. Talking about a supposed element of danger in the village, we've seen a voyager girl who's seemingly on a quest to find evidence of his story by navigating through all those memory-infused stops yet again. With extremely heart-wrenching lyrics, this is a thought-provoking release that uncovers past wounds and takes a glance at the artist's life. With a commendable bass line and heart-hitting guitar solos, this paints a daunting yet beautifully surreal picture of the past, as if things that were witnessed in the past were nothing but stimulation.

Test this nostalgic melody down below -

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